Friday, 23 August 2013

Supress the Duplicate detection rule

// Connect to the Organization service. 
// The using statement assures that the service proxy will be properly disposed.
using (_serviceProxy = ServerConnection.GetOrganizationProxy(serverConfig))
    // This statement is required to enable early-bound type support.

    _service = (IOrganizationService)_serviceProxy;


    // Create and account record with the named Proseware, Inc. and already existing Account Number.
    Account account = new Account 
        Name = "Proseware, Inc.",
        AccountNumber = "ACC005"

    // Create operation by suppressing duplicate detection
    CreateRequest reqCreate = new CreateRequest();
    reqCreate.Target = account;
    reqCreate.Parameters.Add("SuppressDuplicateDetection", true); // Change to false to activate the duplicate detection.
    CreateResponse createResponse = (CreateResponse)_service.Execute(reqCreate);
    _dupAccountId =;
    Console.Write("Account: {0} {1} created with SuppressDuplicateDetection to true, ", 
        account.Name, account.AccountNumber);
    // Retrieve the account containing with its few attributes.
    ColumnSet cols = new ColumnSet(
        new String[] { "name", "accountnumber"});

    Account retrievedAccount = (Account)_service.Retrieve("account", _dupAccountId, cols);
    Console.Write("retrieved, ");

    // Update the existing account with new account number.
    retrievedAccount.AccountNumber = "ACC006";                   

    // Update operation – update record, if a duplicate is not found.
    UpdateRequest reqUpdate = new UpdateRequest();
    reqUpdate.Target = retrievedAccount;
    reqUpdate["SuppressDuplicateDetection"] = false; // Duplicate detection is activated.

    // Update the account record.
    UpdateResponse updateResponse = (UpdateResponse)_service.Execute(reqUpdate);
    Console.WriteLine("and updated.");