Saturday, 7 September 2013

Security Level In Mscrm 2011

Security model
·         Role-based security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on grouping a set of privileges together that describe the responsibilities (or tasks that can be performed) for a user. Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a set of predefined security roles. Each aggregates a set of user rights to make user security management easier. Also, each application deployment can define its own roles to meet the needs of different users.
·         Record-based security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on access rights to specific records.
·         Field-level security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM restricts access to specific high business impact fields in an entity only to specified users or teams.
How to apply Field-level security in any field:

  1.     Enable Field Level Security option while creating the field
  2.      Create a field security profile from Settings > Administration> Field Security Profile.
  3.      Add the users whom you want to impose field security and apply Field Permission to select the field created
  4.  Now the selected users will not be able to view the value assigned to that field in the entity form.