Saturday, 7 September 2013

Web Service In MSCRM 2011

How many Web Services are in MSCRM?
1.Deployment Web Service: Using this service we can
·         Create or import organizations
·         Enable and Disable organizations
·         Add deployment administrators
·         Configure IFD and Claims-based authentication       

2.Discovery Web service: Using this service we can
·         Identify the organization information available in a deployment

3. IOrganization Service
In CRM 4.0 we had the CrmService & CrmMetadataService to access data & metadata.
·         In CRM 2011, these are combined in single IOrganization service endpoint that
includes both data and metadata

Methods in Iorganzation Service:

  Name Description
public method Associate Creates a link between records.
public method Create Creates a record.
public method Delete Deletes a record.
public method Disassociate Deletes a link between records.
public method Execute Executes a message in the form of a request, and returns a response.
public method Retrieve Retrieves a record.
public method RetrieveMultiple Retrieves a collection of records.
public method Update Updates an existing record.