Saturday, 7 September 2013

Solution In Mscrm 2011

Solutions are how customizers and developers author, package, and maintain units of software that extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Customizers and developers distribute solutions so that organizations can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to install and uninstall the business functionality defined by the solution.

Solution components are created by using the customization tools or APIs included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are fully hosted in the application. The following diagram shows the types of solution components.

There are two types of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions: Unmanaged and Managed. A managed solution is a completed solution that is intended to be distributed and installed. An unmanaged solution is one that is still under development or is not intended to be distributed. When the unmanaged solution is complete and you want to distribute it, export the unmanaged solution and select the option to package it as a managed solution.

Managed Solutions

After you install a managed solution, the following applies:
  • You cannot add or remove solution components in a managed solution.
  • You cannot export a managed solution.
  • Deleting a managed solution uninstalls all the solution components within it.

Unmanaged Solutions

When a solution is unmanaged, you can perform the following actions:
  • Add components.
  • Remove components.
  • Delete components that allow for deletion.
  • Export and import the unmanaged solution.
  • Export the solution as a managed solution.
  • Deleting an unmanaged solution does not uninstall the solution components within it. It just deletes the solution record.

Managed Properties

Using managed properties, the creator of a managed solution can control whether a solution component is customizable and which specific parts of it can be customized.