Saturday, 7 September 2013

Service Module in MSCRM 2011

It’s all about following a case from call to a closure.
A case is a record of an interaction between a customer and a customer service representative (CSR). The work a CSR performs to close the case is tracked as activities.
Initiate and verify
In this scenario, the initial call is taken by a CSR level I, who looks up the customer record and the contract. Individual contract lines in the contract identify the level of customer service that the CSR can provide. The CSR confirms that the customer has a contract line that allows a specific number of minutes of customer service time, and that the customer has not exceeded that limit.
After the CSR confirms that the customer is eligible for customer service, he creates a new and escalates the case to a CSR level II. (If the call were about an existing , the CSR could reopen the case and Microsoft Dynamics CRM would automatically reassign the to the CSR that originally closed it. Billing time continues to accrue through new activities.)
Using activities, the CSR level II tracks his time researching and resolving the case. The time that CSRs spend is recorded in the individual activities, which are then rolled up into the specific contract line. Before the CSR level II resolves the case, he can manually adjust the total billing time spent on the case , if necessary.